The use of technology and social media is increasing day by in children and young adults
Every age group, including children and young people, is using social media platforms and other technology at an ever-increasing rate. Facebook was one of the most widely used sites up until recently. However, the current objectives have changed. Instagram, YouTube, and Snap Chat are now considered to be more fun and engaging. On these platforms, people find a lot more enjoyment, and they like using them. People’s favorites’ social media platforms include YouTube, Instagram, and Snap Chat.
Social media have penetrated the lives of many young adults. The social media usage of American adults aged 18–29 years increased from 12% in 2005 to 90% in 2015 (Pew Research Center, 2015).
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More children than adults use social media sites
Kids using social media more than individuals of other age groups is one of the alarming trends that has been observed recently. The majority of them own cell phones. They appear to be drawn into using technology and social media.
The number of people using social media has significantly increased during the pandemic
Numerous surveys have shown that social media use significantly increased during the pandemic when people’s daily lives were disrupted by COVID-19 and they had nothing to do but remain in their homes.
Screen time is greatly increased in children who belong to low-income families
Additionally, it has been observed that during the pandemic, social media use has significantly risen among kids from low-income families. A few after-school extracurricular programs could be the reason. Also noted is the fact that compared to other social media sites, these kids and adults use Facebook more frequently.
Instead of video chatting with family and friends, kids used technology and social media platforms to view videos and play games.

More kids than ever are using social media and technology Is it alarming?
In all honesty, it is worrisome. Children can come across items while scrolling that is not intended for them. While scrolling and surfing, they are genuinely unaware of what will happen next. They are so young that they have no concept of what is beneficial or bad for them. It hurts to see youngsters wasting time on social media at such an early age.

Adverse effects of social media usage on Children Don’t get enough sleep
Due to excessive use of social media kids are not able to sleep on time and take enough sleep required to maintain their health.

Lack of self-discipline and failure to fulfilling their home work leads to anxiety.

Depression is increasing day by day.
Excessive use of social media also leads to depression.

Lack of sleep creates a constant state of mental confusion among young adults.

Distraction from academics
This is a major problem the young generation is facing these days.
Arvizu, Hambrick, and Fenn (2014) reported that nonacademic Internet use, including social media, among university students was inversely associated with classroom performance as shown in three examinations during the semester and cumulative final examinations.
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Lack of self-esteem
Lack of confidence is also a consequence of increased use of social media.

What we can do to prevent children from using social media
Here are some pieces of advice for parents and teachers to keep children away from social media:
• The first strategy you can adopt is to ask your children to tell you the routine of their whole day.
• Make a proper timetable for them. Set a time limit for social media and ask them not to exceed the time limit.
• Parents are requested to keep their children engaged with them.
• To keep them busy, do some healthy activities with them. This may include cooking and painting.
• When free, plan family trips to your children’s favorites’ places.
• Tell them about the drawbacks of social media and encourage its healthy use.
• Ask them to play games instead of wasting time scrolling through social media.

How much time is ok for children to spend on social media
Due to the potential for adverse impacts, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)7 recommends that the use of screen-based devices by children younger than  1.5-2 years must be avoided, except for video-chatting, whereas for children aged 2-5 years of age, use of screen-based devices should be limited to 1 h/day of quality programming. For more check it out hers:

By far we have discussed the disadvantages of using social media in children. The use of social media and technology for academics is appreciated. But we should avoid its excessive use.