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10 Facts why one should use Technology
An article discussing the advantages of technology


Who is not aware of the word technology and its uses? It encircles all of our daily life tasks. As the world has become a global village, the use of technology has increased immensely. With every passing day, the need for this usage is increasing. It includes using machines and computers, which

makes our tasks easier. Technology helps to accomplish tasks with greater efficiency.
provides a way for an Uncomplicated and faster communication
There was a time when one had to go to others’ places to talk about anything, including business meetings. Technology has allowed us to communicate via different platforms, even between two subcontinents.
Different platforms social media platforms which are hallmarks of the internet, including Facebook, Skype and WhatsApp, have special features which make them effective in one way or another way.
One can choose between these platforms according to their needs. Such communication apps are needed, and new apps will continue for easy communication.
Increases productivity
Goods are produced at a rapid rate with the help of technology. Market demands are fulfilled with many of their products, which would never be possible without the aid of technology.
Provides more useful manufacturing techniques and approaches

Technology has bestowed us with useful techniques that help in manufacturing different products in industries at lower prices and in a short time. Anciently a lot of time was required to manufacture a specific product as it had to pass through different processes, all performed by humans with low speed. These days technology has enabled us to perform the same tasks with greater efficiency and low costs with the help of machines.
Provides ways to learn remotely
In the past, it wasn’t easy to get an education, as it required physical meetings with teachers and students. Every degree was dependent upon physical meetings and getting an education. So the students keen to learn but lived in remote areas couldn’t make it through. With the help of technology now there are several ways to get an education without physical meetings.
You can buy an ebook and enjoy reading it if you cannot afford a hard copy. You can also learn from online courses and get your degree from teachers you never met physically.
Technology makes our lives Easier
One hallmark of growing technology is that it has made our life simple and easier. It is easy to talk to, work, and solve problems with the help of technology. Artificial Intelligence is not about robots only; it can also perform cognitive functions which are performed by human brains.
Different inventions, including air conditioners, refrigerators, ovens, and even small inventions like

electricity bulbs and fans, are the products of this technology which are making our lives easier.
Technology has made travelling easier
The world has become a global village due to technology. The invention of aeroplanes which was thought to be a miracle, has become possible because of technology. Other vehicles, for example, automobiles, cars and trains, are also inventions of this technology.
Now it is easy to travel and enjoy.
Helps in making drugs and discover new treatments
The use. of technology has made it possible to test drugs in less time. It gives awareness about the pharmaceutical and therapeutic usage of drugs. Several machines are interventions of this technology for performing different lab tests and investigations, including enzyme-linked immunoassays (ELISA) and PCR. Research has been done to discover the genetic makeup of human

beings and the possible effects of different drugs on people; this complete process is computerised.
Robots are the invention of modern technology
Robots are the latest invention of technology. They have been made to help humans, so they do not get bored doing a similar task repeatedly. They provide greater efficiency and perfect accomplishment of specific tasks. They are more productive than human beings. They can manufacture and assemble things with greater speed. Shortly, they will be doing many human tasks. Robots are preferable for jobs because they can work in any environment. They do not get affected by hot or cold weather. They do not have emotions and can work continuously hence increasing productivity.
It provides a lot of information
The Internet provides a lot of information these days. Whether it’s information or you want to learn a particular skill, you first approach the internet. Through different platforms of the internet, you can connect to people of similar interests as yours and can dig through more information.
There are published books, research articles, and much more on the internet from which you can get information.
Daily news can be approached through the internet.
Technology provides you with different ways of having fun
In the past few decades, our way of having fun has changed. These ways are now dependent upon technology. We play games and watch movies in our leisure time. These ways of having fun are also inventions of modern technology.